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Product-Quality Solutions for Vehicles

Radios and communication devices ▪ Flight controls and avionics equipment ▪ Radar and satellite systems ▪ Military and shipping communications ▪ Air traffic control ▪ Electronic control units (ECU) ▪ Auxiliary power units (APU) ▪ Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) ▪ And more.

If you're developing an onboard communications or control system for any kind of vehicle – from connected cars and trucks to the most advanced train or vessel – talk to our test and quality experts about our design through mass-production and repair test solutions. We work very closely with dozens of vehicle and component manufacturers (Tier 1, Tier 2, and OEMs) to ensure their products enhance customer experience, increase safety, and provide superior traffic and information services.

Averna is also ahead of the audio, video, navigation, and telematics convergence curve, offering a suite of award-winning RF hardware and software products to help these manufacturers answer the call. We have partnered with eminent RF technology leaders to efficiently generate all common radio, video, and navigation broadcast signals in use today.

Benefit from our breakthrough tools to record and play back live signals and impairments, reduce expensive field tests, improve product designs and increase test productivity. Averna's automotive and transportation solutions have been adopted by 80% of the top automotive, radio, and in-vehicle entertainment and navigation system manufacturers in the world, setting the standard for mobile device excellence.

Challenge: Our cars are advanced computing and communication pods, packed with numerous smart systems. How do you test automotive radar units quickly and efficiently?

Solution: Averna designed and built a new high-speed production line, including vision systems, robotics, RF signal-processing, and anechoic chambers that protect RF integrity.

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