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Extensive Solutions for Mass-Market Products

Smartphones and tablets ▪ Radios, TVs and infotainment systems ▪ Entertainment consoles ▪ Wearable health and fitness devices ▪ GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, IoT, and digital microwave devices ▪ Inkjet/drop-on-demand (DoD)/3D printing ▪ Inkjet printhead assembly ▪ Cellular signal boosters ▪ Outdoor units (ODUs) and power supplies ▪ UL & ANSI standards compliance systems ▪ And more.

Averna test engineers are experts in RF, microwave, and infrared testing, integrating their broad expertise into comprehensive test solutions such as validation systems and automated test equipment (ATE), covering every aspect of product development, from design and prototyping to NPI, manufacture, repair and support.

We have a wide range of solutions for field, lab and production testing, including rugged RF Record & Playback units for validating product designs with real-world signals, URT Signal Generators and RF signal toolkits (GPS, TMC, DAB, Sirius, AM/FM, etc.) for rapidly testing RF receivers, and turnkey test stations for complete functional, structural, calibration, environmental (ESS, E3) testing, and more.

For high-volume manufacturing, we source, build, deliver and deploy build-to-print stations for production facilities around the world, including at contract manufacturer (CM) sites. No matter what kind of test solution you need, Averna has the test engineering services and track record to deliver.

Challenge: How do you test huge numbers of devices returned by consumers? There's a big need to assess and fix them quickly. Averna was challenged to build the ultimate solution.

Solution: We deployed our Multimedia Test Platform, which can test and fix audio, video, USB, Ethernet, wireless and other technologies on multiple devices at the same time.

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