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The Right Expertise – When and Where You Need It

Require special technical or consulting know-how? Have a project to finish? We have the design, system engineering, hardware, software and validation experts you need to guarantee success for a wide range of projects.


We have 140+ NI-certified LabVIEW and TestStand architects, developers and instructors, as well as experts in FPGA, RF, vision inspection, robotics and much more.


Many of our test & measurement experts and engineers are mobile and can help you finish a project, spec your test requirements or apply Design for Test (DFT) methodologies to a new product.

Skills & Expertise Examples
  • Test system engineering, architecture and Design for Test (DFT)
  • Software development (NI LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows, C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic, SQL, etc.)
  • Hardware (FPGAs, PCBs, fixtures, high-speed digital, embedded processors, etc.)
  • System and software validation, test automation and optimization
  • Engineering processes, tools and methodologies (Agile, V-Model, Waterfall, etc.)
  • Certifications (National Instruments, Microsoft, etc.) and standards (ISO, IEEE, FDA, DO-178B, etc.)
  • Product lifecycle coverage (R&D, development, manufacturing, after-market/support, repair, migration)

System & Project Examples
  • Monitoring and communications systems
  • Data acquisition (DAQ) and measurement
  • High-availability client-server
  • Entertainment and infotainment
  • Real-time and mobile embedded applications
Industry Examples
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Life sciences and medical devices
  • Consumer electronics, wearables, multimedia
  • Telecommunication (DOCSIS, fiber optics, satellites, etc.)
  • Automotive & transportation (trains, ships, cars, etc.)
  • Mining and energy

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