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The Right Test Expertise for Your Industry

We regularly leverage best practices across sectors to deliver optimum client results.

Benefit from Our Extensive Track Record

For over 20 years we have worked closely with hundreds of leading companies in aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, consumer electronics, life sciences, semiconductors, and telecom infrastructure sectors, providing essential test expertise and comprehensive test and validation systems that ensure our customers' products reach the highest quality in the shortest time frames.

With Averna, you stay ahead of the technology curve while delivering thoroughly tested products and systems that give you the competitive edge and reduce costs.

Averna employs unrivalled test-engineering know-how, award-winning technology, and industry-certified engineering processes to develop better products, on time and within budget.

With over 5000 successful client projects behind us, and your success ahead of us – find out how our innovative, best-practices-based test solutions can make all the difference. We offer a wide portfolio of test services and systems – ranging from on-site LabVIEW/TestStand experts to automated test equipment (ATEs) and full build-to-print services at our high-volume facilities in Europe and North America.

Why Hundreds of OEMs Have Partnered with Averna

  • Superior test expertise : Our test engineers can accelerate your testing because of valuable experience and best practices gleaned from multiple technologies, applications and standards.
  • Faster time to market : Our cutting-edge test solutions and services will accelerate your products through the design, validation, NPI, manufacturing, and repair stages.
  • Better business results : By engaging Averna's test-engineering experts, you free up your staff to focus on their strengths, lower the overall cost of test, and reduce project risks.
  • Higher quality products : Because of our extensive track record, we know how to spot and eliminate design flaws, avoid error-prone processes, and reduce product returns and RMAs.
  • Solid test investments : Our innovative test approaches, best practices and technology partnerships ensure you get the most flexible and cost-effective solutions possible.
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