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When Your Product Needs Micron-Level Accuracy

Our turnkey solutions combine proven test & measurement, control systems, machine vision, gluing/welding and robotics.

Our expertise in vision inspection, mechatronics and control systems comes together in extremely precise alignment operations based on sensor feedback.

We use the latest absolute-positioning technologies to support automated gluing or ultrasonic welding operations, followed by UV or oven curing.

Our turnkey systems can ensure both high throughput and perfectly accurate assembly. Depending on your needs, they can be semi- or fully automated.

Automated Production + Integrated Quality Inspection

Due to the continuing trend of product miniaturization and increased complexity, accurate gluing, welding, laser and assembly solutions are key in next-generation devices. As a result, the clear distinction between assembly and testing starts to blur. In smartphones, for example, testing and soldering the battery is one step in the production process. Hence, a combination of ultra-precise dosing, fixation, positioning and real-time feedback is essential to ensure best results and maximum reliability.

Precisely Assembled

If your product requires ultra-precise handling, positioning and component joining/assembly, an Averna turnkey solution will ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and output. Our multidisciplinary capabilities in sensors, machine vision, control systems, handling/robotics, gluing and quality inspection ensure we can solve even the most challenging product assembly and production tasks.

Expertise Examples
  • Ultra-precise handling, positioning and assembly at micron level
  • Automatic gluing stations for all types of glue with UV curing or ovens
  • Ultrasonic welding equipment available
  • Vision-guided mechatronics for micron-accurate absolute positioning
  • Full integration of vision inspection, quality, gluing, and assembly modules
  • High throughput and semi- or full automation
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  • 청년친화 강소시업
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