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High-Speed Inspection and Measuring Solutions

MEMS testing and validation (with stimulus) ▪ Voice/sound ▪ Motion/position ▪ Pressure monitoring ▪ Projecting/receiving light ▪ Inkjet MEMS modules ▪ Microfluidic and bio-chip ▪ Display MEMS ▪ Autofocus actuators ▪ Humidity sensors ▪ ASIC and IC validation ▪ Burn-in ▪ Temperature range validation ▪ Magnetic field testing ▪ Automated module assembly.

Highly innovative, the semiconductor industry is shaping the future of technology. Semiconductors are installed in virtually all electronic technologies, ranging from smartphones and wearables to medical devices and aircraft. They are improving society in countless ways and are integral to game-changing trends such as the Internet of Things (IOT), wireless interconnectivity and the movement towards smarter, faster, cheaper and smaller devices.

While the demand for speed, traceability and zero-defect production surges, due to increasing competition, there is also considerable pressure on developers of semiconductors and MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) to deliver perfect next-generation products at lower prices and in shorter time frames.

In order to meet these tough requirements, rigorous automated testing is crucial. Fortunately, clients can count on Averna's expertise in MEMS, product characterization, calibration and validation to ensure their products are thoroughly tested. We offer turnkey inspection and measurement solutions including ASIC and IC platforms, that guarantee fast processing, key data analysis, and maximum traceability across all production steps.

Challenge: How do you quickly characterize new chips, measure leak currents and do all this over a very wide temperature range (-25C to 175°C) required for automotive environments?

Solution: Averna deployed an advanced test solution to apply high voltages (1500V), measure leak currents (picoampere range), and control a climate chamber to achieve a high MTBA

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