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Wide Range of Test Solutions for Telecom Equipment

Set-top boxes, CPE and residential gateways ▪ Cable-modem termination systems (CMTS) ▪ Design validation and DOCSIS certification ▪ Channel emulation ▪ 40G and 100G systems ▪ FTTx and PON products ▪ Long-haul and metro applications ▪ Optical transponders ▪ Outdoor units (ODUs) ▪ And more.

By working closely with certification labs, standards bodies, service providers and industry leaders, Averna has amassed deep expertise in testing both broadband and fiber optics products.

Our cutting-edge broadband test solutions consistently deliver rock-solid customer-premises equipment (CPE) products and reliable cable service to millions of users. And as experts in 40G, 100G, FTTx, PON and other applications, our fiber-optics test solutions cover the full range of functionality and use for high-bandwidth long-haul and metro products, among others.

For over a decade, we have led the way with innovative test systems and services for data-over-cable technologies such as modems, residential gateways, high-definition televisions (HDTV), digital video recorders (DVR), video on demand (VOD), IPTV, home-networking and place-shifting devices.

Our suite of DOCSIS validation and test solutions – such as Jupiter, Mercury, and the DP-1000 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer – covers every phase of product development, including design verification, NPI, volume manufacturing and network troubleshooting. Deploy an Averna broadband test solution to improve your product designs, achieve industry certification and accelerate time to market.

Challenge: Getting to market first can make all the difference. Averna needed to design and deploy an end-to-end test solution, including test results, for a new optics subsystem.

Solution: By architecting the entire test system, including test stations and centralized results for two locations, Averna boosted quality, reduced risk, and sped up the NPI.

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