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Profit from Our Ready-to-Ship Solutions

Save yourself months of work on test specifications, component ordering, assembly and trial-and-error operation.

All our Test Products & Platforms are based on industry-standard PXI(e) and/or FPGA-based software-defined instruments, mass interconnects (VPC, etc.), smart fixtures/nests, racks, cables, etc., saving you much design and build time.

We load our extensive industry and technology experience into every platform so approximately 80% of the IP work and test code is done before we ship — and we can assist you with the remainder based on your own product and test specs.

Our Test Products & Platforms are renowned for both what they can do today and how easily they can be updated tomorrow – with new instruments, protocols, fixtures, test sequences, etc. – as your product-testing requirements evolve.

The Global Standard for Data-Over-Cable Devices

Our Jupiter 310 Design Verification System is installed around the world. As well as its leading-edge test & measurement instruments and productivity tools, it ships with the industry-standard ATP (acceptance test plan) for cable-device certification, showcasing Averna's integration of industry expertise into its best-in-class products.

AST-1000 for Complete Infotainment Signal Testing

Tired of having to rely on multiple instruments for your signal-testing needs? We've revolutionized RF testing by letting you generate all common RF signals like AM/FM, Sirius, HD Radio and GPS from one device. The software-defined AST-1000 is expandable too — and can accommodate connectivity signals like WiFi and Bluetooth and eventually even non-RF signals like CAN.

Cover All Your Wearables Test Needs with One Platform

Wearables are among the most complex products on the market. Advance your testing quickly with a ready-to-go platform based on our expertise in RF, multimedia, usability, flexible fixtures and the latest consumer technologies.

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