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AX1080 10 슬롯 AXIe / 18슬롯 PXI 시스템

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The AX1018 test system leverages from PXI and AXIe technologies to provide high end semiconductor ATE performance in a compact, low-cost, industry standards based form factor.

With support for a wide range of digital, analog, and RF instrumentation, the AX1018 is perfectly suited for post-silicon validation and characterization, as well as multi-site production test of consumer digital and wireless devices. Low latency, high speed PCI/PCIeinfrastructure, combined with industry leading settling times, give the AX518 exceptionally fast test times and high parallel test efficiency.

The system is designed with easily interchangeable device load boards using high density direct AXIe and mixed-signal and blind mate RF connections. Manipulator mounts and docking plate compatibility coupled with a full suite of production software tools facilitate smooth deployment into high volume production. The PXI/AXIe foundation of the AX1018 provides a unique combination of high end ATE performance with the economics and investment protection that come with widely deployed industry standards based instruments.


  • Fully integrated, self-contained benchtop test system based on industry standard PXI and AXIe
  • System can be used for device characterization as well as production testing
  • 10 AXIe slots support Aeroflex digital and device power supply instruments plus a wide range of 3rd party AXIe instrument cards.
  • 18 PXI slots support Aeroflex RF instruments and a wide range of 3rd party PXI instrument cards
  • Flexible bidirectional triggering between PXI, AXIe and external instruments for control and synchronization
  • Easily interchangeable device load boards access all AXIe instrument signals, PXI instrument channels and blind mate RF connections
  • Configurable with up to:
    • 8 modulated RF VNA ports
    • 384 channels of 400 Mbit digital
    • 96 channels of 20 V/1.2A power supplies
    • Cage interface
    • 3rd party AXIe and PXI instruments
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