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AX500 통합 5 슬롯 AXIe 시스템

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High Performance AXIe Digital/DC Subsystem

The AX500 is the industry's first self-contained test system based on the AXIe standard. It provides all of he power, cooling, and device loadboard interfacing required for up to 5 AXIe instrument cards.

The AX500 can be used as a standalone test system or as a rack mountable subsystem upgrade for existing test systems. Device loadboards use high-density direct connections to the AXIe instrument cards and can easily be interchanged as required for different devices.


  • Fully integrated, self-contained benchtop or 19" rack mountable test system based on industry standard AXIe
  • System can be used for device characterization as well as production testing
  • 5 AXIe slots support Aeroflex digital and device power supply instruments plus a wide range of 3rd party AXIe instrument cards
  • Flexible bidirectional triggering between AXIe and external instruments for control and synchronization.
  • Easily interchangeable device load boards access all AXIe instrument signals.
  • Configurable with up to:
    • 144 channels of 400 Mbit digital
    • 48 channels of 20 V/1.2 A power supplies
    • Cage interface
    • 3rd party AXIe instruments
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