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익스플로러 CS1247-AG 광대역 신호 분석기 및 발생기

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The CS1247-AG Broadband Signal Analyzer and Generator series provides operational capabilities of the CS1247-A and CS1247-G in a single package. The BSAG combines broadband RF down and up converters, wide bandwidth high dynamic range ADC and DACs and high speed memory with powerful DSP-based signal analysis and data generation software. The wideband operational capability of the Explorer makes it simple to find, record, analyze, create and generate signals of interest. The DSP software analyzes both real time signal inputs and signals captured into BSA signal memory. Digital acquisition and generation achieve the highest fidelity, accuracy and repeatability. Signals recorded into memory can be saved to onboard storage or transferred over network. Recorded signals can be imported into Aeroflex's Broadband Signal Generators and played back.

The multi-threaded system application software allows signal acquisition and generation of signals, providing tight correlation of time, frequency and modulation measurements on the same signal space.

주요 특징

Operational Specifications Input Output
RF Range 2-6000 MHz 2-6000 MHz
Full scale input power +25 ~ -30 dBm -10 ~ -25 dBm
Instantaneous IF Bandwidth 70 MHz or 400 MHz 70 MHz or 400 MHz
Operational bandwidth 400, 70, 42, 21, … MHz-41kHz; factors of 2 400, 70, 42, 21, … MHz-41kHz; factors of 2
Signal RAM 32 GB 32 GB
Disk based onboard storage 8TB RAID
Application Software BSA and SSA VSP and VSS
GPS (Time and Location) GPS Antenna or IRIG-B
Size 7U (2U+3U+3U) rack mount


The Aeroflex BSAG series of instruments incorporates powerful and flexible data analysis and visualization tools for simultaneous plotting of the signal in frequency, time and modulation domains. Measurement and analysis software packages include digital spectrum analysis, channelized signal power and ACPR, digital demodulation, radar pulse parameters and satellite downlink parameterization.

Vector Signal Simulator (VSS) software creates signal files for generic digital and analog signal. Any of these signal types can be gated or bursted in time as well as hopped infrequency. Real signals can be imported, combined with digitally generated signals, and then played back on the BSG. Impairments can be added to the signals including thermal noise, phase noise, passband amplitude and phase distortion. VSS software provides the unique ability to mix any combination of signals and impairments to generate complex signal environments. Aeroflex's Vector Signal Player (VSP) software provides simple controls for signal files election, and output frequency and power control.

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