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IFF-7300 시리즈 IFF/Crypto/TACAN 자동 테스트 시스템

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The IFF-7300S Series is a powerful computer based system designed for the test and diagnosis of military avionics, including IFF transponders, interrogators, cryptos, and TACAN transceivers. The IFF-7300S contains all required resources and emulates all signals required to verify proper operation of the Unit Under Test (UUT).

  • Tests MARK XIIA IFF transponders and interrogators
  • Tests TACAN receiver-transmitters
  • Can be configured to test KIV-77 and KIV-78 crypto appliqués
  • Large Touch-screen color display
  • Manual or automated testing
  • Test reports are automatically generated
  • Includes industry leading Aeroflex proprietary THORsi Test Executive

Aircraft emulation and test setup

The IFF-7300S contains all required resources and emulates all necessary signals that the aircraft exerts on the unit under test (UUT)

  • No need for an external power supply
  • The radio is completely set up and ready for full testing

Test Modes

  • Automated return-to-service testing (Level 1 / O-Level)
  • Automated module level diagnostics (Level 2 / I-Level)
  • Manual mode testing using Cobham AvComm's proprietary VirtualPanelTM application software

Automated Testing Per OEM Procedures

  • Significant time is saved over manual testing
  • Automated "test scripts" eliminate possibility of inconsistent testing
  • Test reports are automatically stored electronically for future reference
  • Traceability of results available for audits


  • Ease of use - navigating between test modes is as easy as pushing a button
  • Affordable – no need to purchase multiple stations that take up valuable lab space; purchase only the Test Program Sets (TPS) you need today
  • Expandable - to add test capability, simply purchase additional TPS's
  • In-house test/repair capability eliminates long delays and reduces number of LRU spares needed


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