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The iAK-0050A is a lightweight version of the standard hard-cased accessory kits available from Kaelus. It contains the basic tooling required on a daily basis to perform macro BTS site testing. Containing high grade low PIM characterized adaptors, loads and cables and lightweight tools. The Accessory Lite offers a reduction in weight when parts need to be carried up stairs to rooftop or difficult access BTS sites.


  • Extensive kit of components
  • Backpack strap
  • Light weight

키트 구성

Information contained within this datasheet is valid at the time of release and may be reviewed by Kaelus.
1 R29-1486 Soft transit case
1 R29-1423 Band for backpack option
1 PL0001V01A-01N Cable load (Sabre)
1 PS0002V01A-01N Sabre source
1 R18-0448 3M 7-16 male to male cable
1 R18-0450 3M 7-16 male to N-type male cable
1 R29-1518 Adjustable wrench 8" wide / slim jaw
1 R92-0070 Cleaning kit
1 R79-10092 Adaptor N type female-female
1 R79-10093 Adaptor 7-16 female-female
1 R40-10054 Adaptor 7-16 male-male
1 R40-10057 Adaptor 7-16M to N-type female
1 R40-10058 Adaptor 7-16M to N-type male
1 R85-1113 Storage box
1 R29-1414 7-16 light weight torque unit - 32mm head
1 R29-1418 N-type Kaelus light weight torque unit - 3/4 head
1 R29-1416 Torque head for 1 - 1/16
1 R29-1417 Torque head for 1 - 3/8
1 R29-1415 Torque head for 7/8 head
1 R29-1422 Allan key to remove/fit head
1 R29-1360 Basic spanner 7-16 32 and 24
1 R75-1853 Lexan parts list card
1 R18-0576 USB cable for report from IMT Series
Note Kit contents subject to change

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