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Model 2016

토털 하모닉 디스토션, 6½ 디지트 DMM(9V 소스)

Model 2016Cart
The Models 2015-P and 2016-P Audio Analyzing Digital Multimeters and the Models 2015 and 2016 Total Harmonic Distortion Multimeters combine audio band quality measurements and analysis with a full-function 6-1/2-digit DMM. Test engineers can make a broad range of voltage, resistance, current, frequency, and distortion measurements, all with the same compact, half-rack measurement The Model 2016 and 2016-P have twice the sine wave generator output of the Model 2015 for applications that require test signals greater than 8Vrms. instrument.
Model 2016의 주요기능
  • THD, THD+Noise, and SINAD measurements
  • 20Hz~20kHz sine wave generator
  • Fast frequency sweeps
  • 2016, 2016-P: 9.5Vrms single-ended or 19Vrms differential output
  • Individual harmonic magnitude measurements
  • 5 standard audio shaping filters
  • 13 DMM functions (6-1/2 digits)
관련 자료
Data Sheet Models 2015 and 2015-P 6-1/2 Digit THD Multimeters and Models 2016 and 2016-P 6-1/2 Digit Audio Analyzing Multimeter
Technical Information - Digital Multimeters
Application Note #2297 Audio Analysis Testing Using a KPCI-3108 Board with LabWindows/CVI 5.0.1
How to Program an Instrument to Assert SRQ on the GPIB Bus
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