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Model 248

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Model 248Cart
The programmable Model 248 High Voltage Supply offers reversible polarity, excellent regulation, low output voltage ripple, and flexible operation. Two front panel digital displays provide accurate readings of voltage and current output. A separate display simplifies setting output values precisely. One of the more accurate and precise high voltage DC power supply available, the Model 248's output can be set using the front panel controls, over the standard IEEE-488 interface, or via a remote analog voltage.
Model 248의 주요기능
  • Source voltages up to 5kV, negative or positive polarity
  • Up to 5mA compliance current
  • Low output ripple for precision sourcing
  • Two selectable filters
  • IEEE-488 programmable
  • Programmable voltage and current limits
  • Compact, half-rack design
관련 자료
Data Sheet Model 248 High Voltage Supply
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Application Note E-Handbook: Making Precision Low Current and High Resistance Measurements
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