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Model 6221/2182A

AC/DC 전류소스
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Model 6221/2182ACart
The need for precision, low current sourcing.
Device testing and characterization for today's very small and power-efficient electronics requires sourcing low current levels, which demands the use of a precision, low current source. Lower stimulus currents produce lower - and harder to measure - voltages across the device. Combining the Model 6220 DC Current Source or Model 6221 AC and DC Current Source with a Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter makes it possible to address both of these challenges.
Differential Conductance.
Differential conductance measurements are among the most important and critical measurements made on non-linear tunneling devices and on low temperature devices. Mathematically, differential conductance is the derivative of a device's I-V curve. The Model 6220 or 6221, combined with the Model 2182A, is the industry's most complete solution for differential conductance measurements. Together, these instruments are also the fastest solution available, providing 10x the speed and significantly lower noise than other options. Data can be obtained in a single measurement pass, rather than by averaging the result of multiple sweeps, which is both time-consuming and prone to error. The Model 622X and Model 2182A are also easy to use because the combination can be treated as a single instrument. Their simple connections eliminate the isolation and noise current problems that plague other solutions.
Model 6221/2182A의 주요기능
  • Source AC currents from 4pA to 210mA peak to peak for AC characterization of components and materials. The 6221’s 10MHz output update rate generates smooth sine waves up to 100kHz
  • Built-in standard and arbitrary waveform generators with 1mHz to 100kHz frequency range. Applications include use as a complex programmable load or sensor signal and for noise emulation
  • Programmable pulse widths as short as 5μs, limiting power dissipation in delicate components. Supports pulsed I-V measurements down to 50μs when used with Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter
  • Built-in Ethernet interface for easy remote control without a GPIB controller card
어플리케이션 분야
  • Nanotechnology
    • Differential conductance
    • Pulsed sourcing and resistance
  • Optoelectronics
    • Pulsed I-V
  • Replacement for AC resistance bridges (when used with Model 2182A)
    • Measuring resistance with low power
  • Replacement for lock-in amplifiers (when used with Model 2182A)
    • Measuring resistance
관련 자료
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