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Model ACS 베이직 에디션

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Model ACS 베이직 에디션
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 Optimized for parametric testing of component and discrete (packaged) semiconductor devices, ACS Basic Edition maximizes the productivity of technicians and engineers in research and development. The versatile architecture of this software allows it to meet the wide ranging and ever changing requirements of semiconductor device testing. It supports all of Keithley's source and measure instrument products, including Series 2600B, Series 2400, and Model 2651A and Model 2657A SourceMeter® SMU instruments.
Model ACS 베이직 에디션의 주요기능
  • Highly configurable, instrument-based system
  • Ideal for SMU-per-pin wafer level reliability (WLR) testing, high speed parallel test, die sorting and binning, NBTI, process control monitoring (PCM)
  • Intuitive test setup, data gathering and analysis with ACS software
  • Keithley's TSP-Link Technology backplane provides high speed measurement throughput
  • Flexible solution to meet emerging and mature testing needs
  • Full control of automated and semi-automated probers
  • Develop and execute tests at the device, site, wafer, and cassette level
관련 어플리케이션
  • 재료 및 장치 개발
  • 품질 보증
  • 장치 검사
관련 자료
데이터 시트 ACS Basic Edition Semiconductor Parametric Test Software for Component and Discrete Devices
어플리케이션 노트 Testing Power Semiconductor Devices with Keithley High Power System SourceMeter SMU Instruments
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