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Model KPCI-3110A

1.25 MHz, 12 비트, 고속 다기능 보드

Model KPCI-3110ACart
The KPCI-3110A is the perfect solution for demanding measurements, offering a combination of speed, resolution, high channel count, and quality that few other boards can match. Whether you're developing a new product or simply trying to understand and interpret physical phenomena, the KPCI-3110A provides the capability you need at a great price.
Model KPCI-3110A의 주요기능
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Maximum sampling rate of 1.25MS/s
  • 32 single-ended or 16 differential analog inputs
  • 2 analog outputs, waveform quality, up to 500kS/s
  • 16 high speed digital I/O lines, up to 3MHz
  • 4 counter/timers
  • Low gain (1, 2, 4, 8)
  • Pre-, post-, and about-triggering
  • 1024-location channel-gain queue
  • 32-bit DriverLINX® drivers plus a suite of bundled software including ExceLINX™, VisualSCOPE™, TestPoint™, and LabVIEW® drivers
어플리케이션 분야
High speed measurement and data acquisition
  • Monitoring and control of production testing equipment
  • Continuous monitoring of process variables
  • On-line monitoring of quality specifications
관련 자료
Data Sheet Model KPCI-3110A 1.25MHz, 12-Bit, High Speed Multifunction Board
Application Note High Speed Digital Reads and Simultaneous Writes with the KPCI-3100 and DriverLINX
Using MATLAB with Keithley Data Acquisition Boards
Benchmarking Overall System Throughput with the Application Simulator and DriverLINX
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