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Model S46T

RF 마이크로웨이브 스위치 시스템 (32채널)

Model S46T
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If your application requires a terminated configuration, the System 46T will meet your needs. This compact switching system leverages the same design technology of our standard unterminated System 46. This terminated version can accommodate up to eight terminated SPDT coaxial microwave relays and four terminated multi-pole coaxial microwave relays.
Model S46T의 주요기능
  • Compact RF/microwave switching system only 2U high
  • Built-in contact closure counter to monitor switch cycles
  • Standard configuration allows up to 32 channels of switching
  • Simple control with built-in GPIB/IEEE-488 interface bus
  • Channel characterization data storage
  • Terminated switching configurations
  • Frequency ranges up to 26.5GHz
어플리케이션 분야
  • Cellular and cordless phones
  • Specialized mobile radios
  • Base stations
  • Specialized antenna systems
  • RF components, including RFICs
  • Wireless peripherals, including Bluetooth devices
  • Broadband wireless transceivers
  • High speed digital communications, including SONET speeds 3Gbps and 10Gbps
관련 자료
Data Sheet System 46T RF/Microwave Switch System 32 Channel, Terminated
Application Note #2310 Configuring an Optimal RF/Microwave Switch System
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