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Model 2790-HL 2-모듈 시스템 (저/고 전압 및 저항 분리 어플리케이션용)

Model 2790-HLCart
  • Model 2790-HL
  • Model 2790-HL
The Model 2790-HL is designed for applications where it is preferable to segregate high voltage sourcing/ohms measurement and low current sourcing/ohms measurement into two separate modules. This design was developed for use in combination testing applications, such as inflator electrical checks of safety steering wheel or seat assemblies that also include switch or other ancillary device tests.
Model 2790-HL의 주요기능
  • Single-instrument solution for continuity and hi-pot type leakage resistance measurements
  • Programmable constant V source (50~500V) supports high speed, high resistance measurements
  • Programmable constant I source (0~50mA) with dry circuit clamp helps prevent device stress or damage during low resistance measurements
  • Modular architecture adapts easily to single or dual inflator testing and to single or dual position test stands and mixed device/signal applications
  • Expandable multiplexer channels for multipin applications
  • Included 6-1/2 digit DMM with wide functionality and broad measurement ranges
  • Intelligent automation support and easy integration with external test hardware
  • GPIB, RS-232, and digital I/O interfaces for flexible controller options
  • SCPI programmable for simple code development and future extensions
  • 2-year calibration cycle of modules minimizes maintenance costs and system downtime
어플리케이션 분야
  • Automotive airbag inflator/module electrical functional tests
  • Seatbelt pre-tensioner actuator/module functional electrical check
  • High speed, parallel soak, dual inflator, or dual test station electrical check
  • Pinched wire, high voltage, insulation resistance testing in automotive seats, avionics, etc.
  • Multipin connector/harness continuity and leakage resistance measurements
  • Multicontact/switch dry circuit continuity and leakage tests
  • Automotive power/fuse center continuity and leakage resistance characterization
  • PCB/PWB and general purpose
관련 자료
데이터 시트 Model 2790 SourceMeter Airbag Test System
어플리케이션 노트 Testing Dual Airbag Inflators and Modules with the Model 2790
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