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EMV L1 모바일 성능 테스트 슈트(Mobile performance test suite)

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The goal of this tool is to perform a statistic inspection of the performance of a device used to perform mobile payment from a transaction time standpoint. The tool automatically executes EMVCo transactions, and extracts timings such as the total transaction time, the mobile device processing time, as well as the mobile device specific transmission time. At the end of the test session, the tool displays in a clear manner all EMVCo defined timings in a test report.

The Micropross EMV L1 Contactless Mobile Performance test tool perform on a NFC enabled handset a high number of transactions, and check, in addition to the overall exchange stability, some metrics allowing characterizing the handset's performance.

The tool uses the MP500 TCL3 as PCD simulator, and MPManager 3 as test sequencer. The test procedure is 100% automated, easy to configure, and delivers a full set of statistics, allowing test laboratories, but also NFC handset developpers to assess the overall performance of their product.

Micropross EMV L1 Contactless Mobile Performance test tool is deployed today at the vast majority of the EMVCo authorized test laboratories. It is listed as an approved test tool by EMVCo on their web page.

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기술 자료

The EMV L1 contactless Mobile Performance test suite is going to perform exactly the sequence of APDUs defined by EMVCo, and supply statistics about the following timings :
  • Mobile transaction time : this is the time it takes for a handset to process and respond to a command.
  • Mobile processing time : this is the time it takes for a handset to process a command, without taking into account the transmission of the response
  • Mobile transmission time : this is the time it takes for a handset to transmit the content of the response.

Naturally, blocks such as retransmissions or waiting time extensions are properly managed by the tool.

The tool presents all necessary statistics, such as minimum, maximum and average values for all timings that are studied in this test suite.

Furthermore, customers are able to customize the APDUs that are sent, so that this test suite can be used even if the product is at an early stage of development.

Customers can benefit from the MPManager platform to monitor the exchanges that have happened, and understand the test verdict that is given by the tool.

사용 예

The EMV Level 1 Contactless Mobile Performance test tool will be typically used in the following contexts :

  • In authorized EMVCo test laboratories, to perform debug and type approval sessions
  • In R&D centers of NFC chip designers, mobile phone makers, to prepare the test approval sessions
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  • 청년친화 강소시업
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