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GSMA NFC 적합성 테스트 솔루션 (NFC conformance test solution )

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Micropross and UL have joined together to bring a cutting edge test solution to those handset manufacturers and conformance test laboratories that want to verify the correct implementation of NFC UICC-based functionality in mobile devices, based on technical core requirements (TS.26 NFC Handset API & requirements) and related test cases (TS.27 NFC Test book) defined by GSMA.

What is inside ?

The GSMA NFC Test Solution from Micropross and UL consists of two test platforms :
  • Micropross certified EMVco and NFC Forum test suite
  • Collis Compliance Test Suites for NFC devices
  • InterLab Test Solution Device/UICC

주요 혜택

  • Assesses compliance with the latest GCF WI-176, 190 & 197, and PTCRB RFT 123 conformance test cases
  • Covers both development and conformance testing purposes
  • Fast results thanks to a separated test setup, operating network independent and network dependent tests in parallel
  • Cost effective solution based on easy to install software upgrades for existing customers
  • Real 24/7 test automation for optimized usage of your test capabilities
  • Other available GCF/PTCRB validated test suites can coexist in the same hardware

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기술 자료

InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

The InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC for NFC devices from Micropross, listed by GCF and PTCRB as TP-146, includes from a hardware perspective an embedded UICC simulator, using UL's Aspects SmartStation3.

Test Solution can be used for development and conformance test purposes. It investigates the communication between a wireless device, a UICC and a mobile network.

The solution is suited to verify the conformity of wireless device software implementations that support UICC based NFC Services, by jointly controlling an integrated UICC simulator and a 3G network emulator.

On the software side, the InterLab Test Solution Device/UICC Compliance Test Suites integrates :
  • InterLab GSMA NFC Bearer Agnostic Test Suite
  • InterLab Test Engine for automation

InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC for NFC devices
  • Includes several compatible Test Suites based on R&S CMW500:
    • InterLab GSMA NFC Bearer Agnostic Test Suite
    • InterLab Test Engine for automation
  • UICC simulator based on ISO 7816, ETSI 102 221 standards
  • Life SIM monitoring and spy / Monitoring Tools
  • Further InterLab Test Suites are available for :
    • 3G USIM/USAT
    • Verizon Wireless USIM/USAT/ISIM
    • China Mobile USIM/USAT/TD-LTE/CMCC Hardware

InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC for NFC devices
  • Embedded SIM simulator (Aspects SmartStation3)
  • SIM/UICC card slot
  • Controller PC

사용 예

GCF and PTCRB have added the GSMA NFC test requirements into their respective Certification Programs. Therefore, and among other mandatory requirements, mobile manufacturers must pass these GSMA test cases using officially accredited test laboratories under their certification schemes.

For this purpose, GCF has produced several Work Items for compiling and integrating the GSMA NFC test requirements. In particular :
  • WI-176 UICC based NFC Services
  • WI-190 SWP/HCI Enhancements for UICC based NFC Services
  • WI-197 Evolution of UICC based NFC Services

PTCRB has created the RFT123 NFC Test book covering the same purpose.

To test the behavior of your NFC device, under the conditions defined in the GSMA NFC test cases, and to verify their compliance with the specific GCF/PTCRB certification requirements, Micropross and UL provide you with automated test platforms, which are officially validated by GCF and PTCRB, and that will allow you to complete your conformance and pre-conformance test projects.

With the addition of the Aspects Spy (developed by UL), available as an option, you can visualize the communication between the handset and the USIM card or contactless reader, in order to debug and troubleshoot your NFC UICC-based implementation before submitting it for official GCF/PTCRB certification.

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