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The massive deployment of the NFC technology requires the deployment of reliable test tools, for Manufacturing contexts.

Micropross, thanks to its 20+ years of experience, in the supply of test tools for manufacturing context, understands the requirements of this particular industry :
  • need to be able to operate 24/7
  • need to be stable and reliable
  • ease to find spare parts
  • on site calibration possible
  • ease to operate
  • flexible, in order to accomodate new requirement
  • reasonable cost per test station

Micropross proposes an approach which enables our customers to perform a quick, but very comprehensive inspection of their NFC devices in factory lines, based on the MP300 CL3.

This tester allows to test, in less than 7 seconds, all operating modes of a NFC device :
  • card
  • reader/writer
  • peer2peer

in all protocols :
  • ISO 14443 A/B
  • FeliCa
  • Mifare
  • ISO 15693

and also to perform physical measurement :
  • load modulation amplitude
  • field strength
  • carrier frequency measurement
  • waveshape analysis
  • resonance frequency / Q factor (study the variation at different field strengths, like a VNA)
  • FDT
  • Many more

The MP300 CL3 also offers customization of the generated signal, in order to replicate as close as possible the real life signals that the mobile phone will meet, once deployed on the field.

  • Field strength
  • Carrier frequency
  • Modulation index
  • Load modulation amplitude
  • Load on the mobile phone field

The MP300 CL3 comes supplied with a one single antenna block, which is able to simulate card, terminal, and measure resonance frequency. That means, the test operator does not need to do any other manipulation than placing the Device Under Test on the antenna, and click on the start button.

Measurement done using the MP300 CL3 can easy be correlated with measurement obtained using a normative test bench, such as EMVCo or NFC Forum test benches.

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