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Radiall Special Device

Feed through terminations

These components are used to properly terminate a transmission line while testing with a high impedance measuring system such as an oscilloscope input.


A detector is a 2 port device capable of supplying a low frequency signal on its output port (video), of a level proportional of the RF power applied to its input port. This proportionality is achieved by means of non linearity property of the diodes used which at low level supply a detected voltage proportional to the RF voltage.

Rotary joints

These components provide the transition betwwen two coaxial transmission lines rotating with respect to each other while retaining acceptable RF characteristics.

DC blocks

DC blocks are composed of a capacitor inserted to the the central conductor of the coaxial line. They block any DC or low frequency current present on the line.

Signal samplers

These devices are used to sample part of an RF signal from a coaxial line, They are not directive, and sample incident and reflected energy.

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