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Refurbished Products
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Sell your surplus instruments to Nubicom!

We are interesting in your surplus test & measurement instruments such as network analyzer, spectrum/signal analyzers, signal generator, oscilloscopes, logic analyzer, data acquisition, basic instruments like power supplies, and much more.

Please try to save your budget and also widen your bench space by reduce your workload for calibration, maintenance and storage of test and measurement instruments you no longer need. And it prevents the depreciating in your instruments and your investment from becoming obsolete.

Nubicom is always trying to upgrade test & measurement instruments, so we are constantly looking for different products. Please let us know your surplus products which you want to sell to us.

When you have test instruments to sell, send the list to NUBiCOM, and we'll reply promptly with an offer for purchasing your instruments.  Thanks for your suggestion in advance about your selling list.
전자 계측기 매입 절차
Equipment List
: List Product Sale
: Normal Working Condition
: Agreement on Price
: Agreement on Terms & Conditions
Deliver Equipment
to Nubicom
: Pick-up Equipment by Nubicom
: Shipping All Equipment to Nubicom's Technical Lab
: Check Equipment Performance
: Estimate Repair Cost
final quotation
& Agreement
: Final Issue with Repair Cost
: Agreement
: Complete Payment within on Buying Price
전자 계측기 매입 절차
Nubicom will negotiate a fair price of the instruments with Customer.
Issue the formal purchase order:
When customer accept Nubicom’s offer, Nubicom will issue the formal purchase order listing the terms and conditions that we agreed upon.
Wrap and Box:
Nubicom expect you to wrap and box the equipment to protect it completely for transit.
Nubicom pay
freight charges:
Nubicom will pay the freight charges.
Our insurance covers the value of the equipment from the time customer ship it to Nubicom.
Instruments Testing:
Typically Nubicom require a 10 day right of return period to test the unit in our laboratory. This is negotiable at the time the terms are agreed upon.
Payment Terms:
Payment terms are negotiated at the time the terms are agreed upon.
Fax or mail us an invoice to the attention of Accounts Payable. Reference our purchase order number to ensure prompt payment. (Exceptions are made for individuals.)
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