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라벨타입(+161 ~ +204 °C)

온도 테이프

온도테이프 - 라벨타입(+161 ~ +204 °C)
  • 온도테이프 - 라벨타입(+161 ~ +204 °C)
  • 온도테이프 - 라벨타입(+161 ~ +204 °C)
+161 ~ +204 °C 측정 온도 테이프
제품 특성:
  • Measuring range +161 °C to +204 °C
  • 어느 곳에나 간편하게 부착할 수 있는 온도 테이프
  • 2~3초 내에 온도 범위 위반 여부를 색으로 확인 가능
  • 운송 및 보관 온도 장기간 모니터링 및 움직이거나 작은 물체의 온도 모니터링에 이상적
제품 설명
Testoterm self-adhesive temperature measurement strips are thin, temperature-sensitive pieces of film which change their color when the temperature exceeds a specific value. This makes them ideal for monitoring the temperature of products and processes where the temperature is not allowed to exceed a certain limit, i.e. for moving or small objects like circuit boards, for long-term monitoring of storage and transport temperatures, in laboratories, in automobile technology, in aviation and in astronautics.
The temperature strips in action
The temperature strips are available in booklets of 10. The strips are peeled off and applied to the object you wish to measure.

The strips have a temperature scale ranging from +161 °C to +204 °C which is divided into little white boxes. As soon as a specific temperature has been exceeded, the strip changes color in the relevant boxes in the space of 2 to 3 seconds. The temperature steps for the individual boxes are as follows: 161 °C, 169 °C, 172 °C, 177 °C, 184 °C, 189 °C, 197 °C and 204 °C.

When the strips change color, they do so irreversibly. When a certain temperature has been exceeded, the color does not change back again when the temperature returns to previous levels. This allows you to see that critical thresholds have been exceeded even when the temperatures have returned to the levels they were before the limit was reached. This makes them ideal for use in storage and transport.

We are also able to provide you with temperature strips for monitoring other temperature ranges. The following measuring ranges are available:

  • +37 ... +65 °C
  • +71 ... +110 °C
  • +161 ... +204 °C
  • +204 ... +260 °C
제품번호 설명 측정범위 가격 견적요청
0646 0108 라벨타입 온도 테이프 +37 ~ +65°C W38,000
0646 0916 라벨타입 온도 테이프 +71 ~ +110°C W38,000
0646 1724 라벨타입 온도 테이프 +116 ~ +154°C W38,000
0646 2532 라벨타입 온도 테이프 +161 ~ +204°C W38,000
0646 3341 라벨타입 온도 테이프 +204 ~ +260°C W38,000
상품 제공 시 포함
testoterm temperature measurement strips for measurement ranges from +161 °C to +204 °C, 10 strips per booklet.
Please note: special prices available for orders exceeding 5 booklets.
기술 데이터
기술 데이터
크기 50 x 18 mm
작동 온도 +161 에 +204 °C
보관 온도 max. +25 °C ¹⁾
1) Storage in refrigerator is recommended. The maximum transportation temperature is +25 °C and may not be exceeded. Storage up to 2 years.
기술 데이터
Measuring range +161 에 +204 °C
Accuracy ±(1 측정값의 % + 1 °C)
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