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MODEL Mini - VPX Mini size evacuating probe station



Model EM-30VPX is a small size(400mm x 200mm) evacuating probe station designed to measure device properties with a wide range of temperature (77K~500K) in the vacuum.

The system consists of a high quality chamber and probing that are both cost effective and efficient Our innovative mini-size evacuating probe station design is easy to use,and provides a portable accessible test tool for small size device designs (up to 50 mm) under controlled measurement circumstance.

Moreover, this portable system is also suited to facilitatea transfer of the measurement platform into an isolated system such as glove box.
주요 특장점
  • All-general-purpose system
  • Multi-control factors environments
  • Suitable for portable use at various circumstance
  • Compatible with tablet-sized high-resolution in-situ imaging
Temperature changeable chuck
Sample Chuck Size 40mm Dia
Temperature 77K ~ 500K (LN2)
Temp rate: +130℃/min
Temp rate: -12℃/min
Temp resolution: ±0.5℃
Power 200V DC, 150W
ChuckCoating Au Plated

Maximum probes 5pcs
Device movement 30mm(X), 30mm(Y)
X,Y,Z movement 10mm x 10mm x 10mm
Resolution 1µm
Base option Vacuum & magnet
Tip holder Triaxial & SMA type
  • 가족친화우수기업
  • 청년친화 강소시업
사업자등록번호 : 220-86-72761대표이사 : 신동만대표전화 : 070-7872-0701팩스 : 02-2167-3801
(우)07299 서울특별시 영등포구 경인로 775 (문래동 3가, 에이스하이테크시티 3동 2층)