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What's New

With the latest release of LabOne a range of new functionality will expand your Instrument's flexibility even further while maintaining the highest quality standards you have come to associate with Zurich Instruments. Updating to the latest version is free of charge for all customers.

Graphical Lock-in Tab - Functional Block Diagram

By adding a functional block diagram for every demodulator to the LabOne user interface the user can now intuitively understand the signal processing pathways. Signal Input and demodulator settings, as well as the various output channels - Signal Outputs, Auxiliary Outputs and the data transfer to the PC - are all covered.

File Manager

The File Manager was introduced as a new tab with the latest release. For UHFLI users this bring the advantage of a quick and easy access to measurement files, settings files and log files on the local PC. Moreover, MFLI users can manage files on the instrument flash drive as well as on storage devices attached to one of the two USB connectors.


The UHFLI and the MFLI can now be programmed to start up in a user defined state of operation. This is particularly interesting for applications where the same instrument configuration is always needed and results are mainly taken out from the auxiliary outputs. Typical examples are imaging applications with analog interfacing to the main controller.

LabOne APIs

  • LabVIEW: support of Apple OSX
  • LabVIEW: support of Sweeper, Spectrum Analyzer and PID Advisor modules
  • C: support for Sweeper, Software Trigger, PID Advisor and Spectrum modules

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