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HDAWG-CNT 펄스 카운터

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The HDAWG-CNT Pulse Counter allows the analysis of up to 8 pulse trains in parallel, enabling event-based measurements, e.g. photon detection using photo-multiplier tubes, at a maximum count rate of 300 MHz. There are four distinct modes of operation and each channel offers an adjustable discriminator with a range of ±10 V. Measurement results from the pulse counters can be conveniently analyzed with the LabOne toolset, which features time domain and histogram display. Based on these counter values, branching conditions for the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator can be defined, enabling ultra-fast feed-forward loops for quantum error correction.


  • 4 또는 8 카운터 모듈1
  • 300 MHz 최대 카운트 속도
  • 4가지 모드: 프리 런(free-running), 게이팅(gated), 게이티드 프리 런(gated free-running), 및 타임 태깅(time-tagging)
  • 조정가능한 판별 레벨을 갖춘 4 또는 8 신호 입력1
  • 2개의 카운터 모듈을 사용하여 백그라운드 감산
  • 카운터 측정을 분석하는 LabOne 툴셋

HDAWG-CNT 업그레이드 및 호환성

  • 현장에서 업그레이드할 수 있는 옵션
  • 다른 모든 HDAWG 옵션과 호환 가능

HDAWG-CNT 어플리케이션

  • 양자 광학(Quantum optics)
  • 트랩된 이온 실험(Trapped ion experiments)
  • 다이아몬드 N-V 센터 실험
  • 인광 수명 화상 (Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging (PLIM))

HDAWG-CNT 기능 다이어그램


The HDAWG-CNT Pulse Counter option enables the measurement of randomly distributed pulses. Each Trigger input of the HDAWG is linked to an individual counter unit and operates in one of the following modes:

  • 프리 러닝(Free-running) 모드: the counter runs repeatedly in configurable timer periods. At the beginning of each period the counter is reset to zero, and at the end, the accumulated number of counts is returned.
  • 게이트(Gated) 모드: the counter is controlled by a gate input signal applied to one of the Trigger inputs. The counter is started at the rising edge of the gate signal. At the falling edge, the counter is stopped and the accumulated number of counts is returned.
  • 게이티드 프리 러닝(Gated free-running) 모드: equal to the free-running mode with additional control by a gate input signal on one of the Trigger inputs. The counter operates only when the gate signal is high. Both the counter and the timer are reset when the gate signal is low.
  • 시간 태깅(Time-tagging) 모드: every event is individually recorded and transmitted to the host computer along with a time tag.

All modes feature background subtraction which takes into account measurement values from two separate counters. They also feature count integration over time. Via the 1GbE or USB 3.0 interface, the counter data can be streamed to the host PC where they can be analyzed using the LabOne toolset.

In combination with the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator, the HDAWG-CNT features advanced cross-triggering functionality for complex pulsed experiments in quantum optics. Each of the counters can be initialized and reset within AWG sequences, and vice versa; counter values can serve as a trigger and branching conditions in the sequence definitions.


카운터 모듈 수 4 또는 81
신호 입력 4 또는 8 SMA 입력1, 32 DIO
카운터 값의 깊이 32 bit (4.29 G counts)
최대 카운트 속도 300 MHz
시간 해상도 3.3 ns
실행 모드 프리 러닝(free-running), 게이팅(gated), 게이팅 프리런(gated free-running), 시간 태깅(time-tagging)
신호 입력 임피던스 50 Ω / 1 kΩ
신호 입력 (판별기) 범위 –5 V to +5 V (50 Ω 입력 임피던스)
–10 V to +10 V (1 kΩ 입력 임피던스)
신호 입력 (판별자) 해상도 0.4 mV 미만

1 HDAWG4, 4 출력 채널 모델 및 HDAWG8, 8 출력 채널 모델간 차이가 있습니다.

  • 가족친화우수기업
  • 청년친화 강소시업
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