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HDAWG-FG 함수 발생기

  • 개요
  • 어플리케이션
  • 기능 다이어그램
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The HDAWG-FG Function Generator option simplifies and speeds up the generation of periodic signals on the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Flexible control of the signal frequency, amplitude, duty cycle, and waveform is enabled by direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, while a dedicated tab in the LabOne UI eliminates the need for programming to obtain periodic waveforms. Uniquely, the function generator signal can be added and multiplied with each of the AWG signal outputs, combining the simplicity of DDS with the flexibility of true arbitrary waveform generation.

HDAWG-FG 주요 특징

  • 2.4 GSa/s, 16 비트
  • 사인(Sine), 스퀘어(square), 펄스(pulse), 트라이앵글(triangle), sawtooth, user-defined
  • 사용자 정의 파형을 위한 4 kSa 메모리
  • 노이즈 발생
  • 스윕(Sweep) 기능 : 진폭, 주파수, 위상
  • LabOne 전용 UI 탭

HDAWG-FG 업그레이드 및 호환성

  • 현장에서 업그레이드할 수 있는 옵션
  • 다른 모든 HDAWG 옵션과 호환 가능

HDAWG-FG 어플리케이션

  • 전자 설계
  • 반도체 소자 테스트
  • 구성 요소 테스트

HDAWG-FG 기능 다이어그램


The Function Generator provides a signal generation method optimized for periodic, non-sinusoidal signals that complements and enhances the arbitrary waveform generator unit on the HDAWG. The function generator features in-situ tunable frequency and phase, as well as a graphical user interface for fast configuration of standard signals such as square, sawtooth, or triangle. The phase table representing one period of the signal can also be freely programmed by the user. A pseudo-random noise generator allows you to simulate realistic test conditions.

The combination of Function Generator (FG) and AWG in one instrument opens new possibilities for signal generation. Signals coming from AWG and FG can be added or multiplied in the digital domain before being converted into the analog domain. The table below lists a few examples where using the AWG and FG combination offers a significant speed increase. Using either an AWG or FG for these applications is often impractical due to large reconfiguration times, or simply impossible due to memory limitations.

콤비네이션 사용사례의 예
AWG 및 FG 추가
  • 측정할 수 없는 기간의 테스트 신호 및 간섭 신호
  • 빠른 AWG 오프셋 램프 생성
AWG 및 FG 곱하기
  • 사전 왜곡된 반송파를 이용한 변조 신호
  • 빠른 AWG 진폭 램프 생성
별도 채널에서의 AWG 및 FG
  • 펄스 및 CW 신호 생성(e.g.saturation signal in NMR)
  • 이미징에서 측정 신호 및 스캔 생성


What can an function generator do better than an AWG?
A function generator is usually better for generating periodic signals with low complexity. This is because the available signal period can be freely chosen without restrictions by the sampling rate, the AWG's waveform granularity, or its waveform memory.
What can an AWG do better than a function generator?
Thanks to its much greater waveform memory, an AWG is better at generating signals with high complexity or information content, such as long pulse patterns.
How do the built-in digital oscillators of the HDAWG relate to the HDAWG-FG option?
The digital oscillators serve as frequency reference for the function generator units. In the base version of the instrument, one oscillator serves as a reference for two function generator units.
Can I change the function generator's frequency from the LabOne AWG Sequencer?
Yes, the sequencer on the instrument can change the frequency with low latency (< 100 ns) and with deterministic timing.
What additional HDAWG-FG features come when combined with the HDAWG-MF Multi-frequency option?
The number of function generator units is the same whether the HDAWG-MF option is installed or not. Using the oscillator selector feature of the HDAWG-MF option, the frequency reference of each function generator unit can be freely selected among multiple oscillators.


함수 발생기의 수 출력 채널당 1개
파형 모양 사인(sine), 스퀘어(square), 펄스(pulse), 트라이앵글(triangle), 톱니(sawtooth), 사용자 정의
노이즈 발생기 무작위(pseudo-random) 노이즈
메모리 채널당 4 kSa
수직 해상도 16 비트
샘플링 속도 2.4 GSa/s
주파수 도메인 특성
주파수 해상도 10 µHz
사인 주파수 범위 0 - 750 MHz, max. 0.8 Vpp
0 - 400 MHz, max. 3.0 Vpp
0 - 300 MHz, max. 5.0 Vpp
변조 모드 진폭 변조
변조 소스 AWG
  • 가족친화우수기업
  • 청년친화 강소시업
사업자등록번호 : 220-86-72761대표이사 : 신동만대표전화 : 070-7872-0701팩스 : 02-2167-3801
(우)07299 서울특별시 영등포구 경인로 775 (문래동 3가, 에이스하이테크시티 3동 2층)