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HF2IS 임피던스 스펙트로스코프

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HF2IS는 다양한 요구를 해결할 수 있는 임피던스 스펙트로스코프에 필요한 솔루션입니다. 넓은 주파수 대역과 4개의 2위상 제어 변환기를 가진 2개의 시차 측정 유닛은 128비트의 DSP엔진에 의해서 고정밀한 측정을 가능하게 합니다. 이 제품은, 오늘날 최첨단 연구의 높은 요구를 충족시키고 있습니다.

HF2IS 주요 특징

  • 싱글 엔드 측정과 시차 측정을 지원하는 2개의 측정 유닛
  • 0.7 µHz - 50 MHz 아날로그 주파수 범위
  • 210 MSa/s, 14 bit A/D 컨버전n
  • 4개의 동시 주파수 (F2IS-MF 옵션 사용에서는 8 개)
  • 2/3/4- 터미널 측정 구성
  • 복조 필터의 광범위 설정
  • 4x 1 MSa/s, 16 bit, ±10 보조 아날로그 출력
  • 2x 400 kSa/s, 16 bit, ±10 V 보조 아날로그 입력
  • USB 2.0 고속 호스트 연결
  • 사용자 그래픽 인터페이스, 프로그래밍 인터페이스, 데이터 서버

HF2IS 어플리케이션

  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy
  • Microfluidics for Bio-technology & bio-engineering
  • Semiconductor charactrization
  • Solar cells and organic LED (OLED)
  • Food quality control (meat, milk, vegetables)

HF2IS 사용가능 옵션

HF2IS-MF Multi-frequency

The HF2IS-MF multi-frequency option impressively extends the capabilities of your HF2 Impedance Spectroscope, by adding 4 additional demodulators and a wide range of configuration options. This greatly improves the flexibility of the instrument and as a result greatly enlarges the research horizon of scientists. The aim of this capability is to replace a great number of instruments with only one. Zurich Instruments is the only hardware vendor who has mastered this feature.

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HF2IS-RT Real-time

The HF2IS-RT option consists of a programming environment that enables the user to implement customized software on a powerful embedded Microblaze® processor inside the HF2IS. Plenty of resources to support complex algorithms are provided. This is for instance required by RT (real-time) applications needing fast reaction based of input signal changes. The processor runs free of interrupts and the timing behaviour of the software is inherently robust and reproducible.

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HF2IS-UHS Ultra-high Stability

Many scientists are not able to rely on climate-controlled laboratories or stable temperature conditions for their measurement setup. Furthermore they are concerned with the issue of instrument aging and they would also like to have long recalibration intervals thus enabling them to reduce costs. These users should consider selecting the HF2IS-UHS option for their precision critical applications.

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HF2TA Current Amplifier

The HF2TA current amplifier converts 2 input currents to an output voltage in a wide frequency range up to 50 MHz. This device is an active probe which can be conveniently placed close to the measurement setup. It supports most applications where a current must be converted to a voltage. The dedicated design of the HF2TA ensures stability and a smooth operation over the entire frequency range.

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HF2IS 기능 다이어그램

HF2IS 사양

HF Analog Input
analog bandwidth 0.7 µHz - 50 MHz
input impedance 50 Ω or 1 MΩ || 20 pF
input noise voltage 5 nV/√Hz above 10 kHz
impedance range 100 mΩ - 10 GΩ
input range ±3.3 V
input AC range ±1.5 V (with DC coupling)
A/D conversion 14 bit, 210 MSa/s
HF Analog Output
analog bandwidth DC - 50 MHz
operating ranges ±10 mV, ±100 mV, ±1 V, ±10 V
signal adder ±10 V, DC - 50 MHz bandwidth
output range 100 mA (max, 50 Ω output
D/A conversion 16 bit, 210 MSa/s
Demodulator & Reference
number of demodulators 4 dual-phase (8 with HF2IS-MF option)
output sample rate on USB: up to 460 kSa/s
on Auxiliary outputs: 1 MSa/s
filter time constant 1 µs - 500 s
filter bandwidth 80 µHz - 220 kHz
filter slope 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 dB/Oct
X, Y, R, Theta 64-bit full range
reference frequency resolution 0.7 µHz
reference phase angle resolution 1.0 µ°
Auxiliary Signals
high-speed outputs 4 channels, ±10 V, amplitude, phase, frequency, X/Y, or user defined
D/A converter 16 bit, 1 MSa/s
D/A analog bandwidth 200 kHz
high-speed inputs 2 channels, ±10 V
A/D converter 16 bit, 400 kSa/s
A/D analog bandwidth 100 kHz
Other Interfaces
host connection USB 2.0 high-speed, 480 Mbit/s
pre-amplifier control bus ZCtrl proprietary bus to control external pre-amplifiers
synchronization bus ZSync proprietary bus to locally interconnect ZI instruments
digital I/O 32 bit, general purpose
dimensions 45 x 35 x 10 cm (19" rack)
weight 6.2 kg
power supply 110-120 V, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
operating temperature +5 °C to +40 °C
internal oscillator output sine, ±1 V, 10 MHz
internal oscillator stability 30 ppm, check for HF2IS-UHS Ultra-high Stability option
PC operating systems 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux
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  • 청년친화 강소시업
사업자등록번호 : 220-86-72761대표이사 : 신동만대표전화 : 070-7872-0701팩스 : 02-2167-3801
(우)07299 서울특별시 영등포구 경인로 775 (문래동 3가, 에이스하이테크시티 3동 2층)