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HF2LI-UHS 초고 안정성

Many scientists are not able to rely on climate-controlled laboratories or stable temperature conditions for their measurement setup. Furthermore they are concerned with the issue of instrument aging and they would also like to have long recalibration intervals thus enabling them to reduce costs. These users should consider selecting the HF2LI-UHS option for their precision critical applications.

The HF2LI-UHS provides a temperature stabilized quartz oscillator with extreme temperature stability, minimal phase noise characteristics, and great performance throughout the aging process. The most relevant specification parameters are better by one order of magnitude.

HF2LI-UHS 주요 특징

  • Extreme temperature stability
  • Reliable short term stability
  • Excellent aging performance
  • Minimal phase noise
  • Long-term result reproducibility

HF2LI-UHS 업그레이드 및 호환성

  • Option not upgradable in the field
  • Compatible with all HF2LI options

HF2LI-UHS 표준오실레이터와 비교

사양 HF2LI-UHS 옵션 표준 오실레이터
Reference frequency (nominal) 10 MHz 10 MHz
Reference initial accuracy ±0.5 ppm ±30 ppm
Reference short term stability (over 30 s) <0.00005 ppm -
Reference long term stability (aging) ±0.4 ppm/year ±5.0 ppm/year
Reference temperature stability at 23°±5° ±0.03 ppm/° ±30 ppm/°
Reference phase noise @ 100 Hz −130 dBc/Hz -
Reference phase noise @ 1 kHz −140 dBc/Hz -
Time to reach specification @ 25° 60 s -
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