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HF2LI-WEB LabOne 웹 인터페이스

Upgrade your Zurich Instruments HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier bought before 1.8.2015 with the LabOne® user interface and take advantage of today's most innovative instrument control software. It is now possible to give a considerable boost to the capabilities of your HF2LI and benefit from all future software updates. Having been developed for the high-end UHFLI Lock-in Amplifier, the LabOne user interface is now also available on the product supporting lower frequencies.

Note: all HF2LI instruments purchased after 01.08.2015 have this option installed as a factory setting!

HF2LI-WEB 업그레이드 옵션

Existing users of the HF2LI will also be able to upgrade to the LabOne user interface, via several routes.

  • Request a quote by pressing the Add to Cart button on this page, place your order and we'll then supply a feature code to make sure your instrument is ready for LabOne.
  • Alternatively, get your instrument calibrated and the upgrade will be included in the price.
  • Place an order for an additional HF2LI or UHFLI and we'll also upgrade one of your existing HF2LI instruments free of charge.

HF2LI-WEB 주요 특징

  • Platform independent user interface – whether it's a PC, smartphone or tablet, as long as your device has a web browser you can use the instrument.
  • Flexible user interface layout – with its tab structure and drag and drop functionality, the user interface can be adapted to your requirements and preferences.
  • Whole screen usage for tools – the scope and other tools are no longer limited to small windows and can even be shown at a full screen level.
  • Simultaneous multiple screens – multiple instances of the user interface can be opened, to assist with measurement and instrument control.
  • Graphical lock-in tab – a streamlined and intuitive graphical representation of the lock-in that simplifies the use of the instrument for when only the core functionality is required.
  • Sweeper – new application modes supporting dedicated noise measurements and higher scan speeds, with automatic sinc filter support.
  • SW Trigger – the Software Trigger allows you to start data capture based on signal event and not only on trigger inputs
  • File Manager – this user interface tab provides a quick access to measurement files, log files and setting files in the local file system.
  • Enhanced plot functionality – multi-trace (Plotter, Sweeper, SW Trigger), cursor math (statistics, peak find,etc.), histogram, high quality screen capture (SVG).

HF2LI-WEB 업그레이드 및 호환성

  • Option upgradeable in the field
  • Option is not compatible with HF2IS
  • Compatible with all other HF2LI options except the HF2LI-RT Real-time option
  • LabOne user interface and ziControl can run concurrently

HF2LI-WEB 이용 및 제한

  • Option available only for HF2LI instruments purchased prior to August 1st, 2015; later instruments have the option installed as a factory setting
  • The LabOne UI for HF2LI is available in the current LabOne software release starting with version 15.11
  • It's not planned to support the HF2LI-RT Real-time option with the LabOne user interface

Note: It's possible to use the ziControl and the LabOne user interfaces simultaneously. Independently of the HF2LI-WEB upgrade, the upcoming two software releases will contain changes to the node tree structure to facilitate programming of the PID, PLL and MOD functionality. Other than that no changes to your programs will be required.

The following features known from ziControl are different with the LabOne user interface:

  • HF2 LabOne provides CSV files with a slightly different format as the Ascii files provided by ziControl
  • Automatic determination of Q-factor from parametric sweep is not yet implemented on LabOne. Hence a manual division of the center frequency and resonance width is required.
  • Input scaling is not fully supported by the LabOne user interface at the moment.
  • When using the LabOne user interface the output amplitude can change when the input range is adjusted.
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