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HF2TA 전류 앰플리파이어

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The HF2TA current amplifier converts 2 input currents to an output voltage in a wide frequency range up to 50 MHz. This device is an active probe which can be conveniently placed close to the measurement setup. It supports most applications where a current must be converted to a voltage. The dedicated design of the HF2TA ensures stability and a smooth operation over the entire frequency range.

The HF2TA ideally fits to the HF2 Series with its single connector providing both power supply and remote control, and it can be controlled by the same graphical user interface of all HF2 Instruments.

HF2TA 주요 특징

  • 50 MHz frequency range for wide range of applications
  • 2 independent amplification channels
  • Wide range of precision transimpedance gain settings (100 V/A to 100 MV/A)
  • Integrated offset adjustment / compensation
  • Extremely low noise and low input leakage
  • Bias output for sensor power
  • Dedicated interface to HF2 Instruments (no direct PC link)

HF2TA 호환성 있는 기기

HF2TA 어플리케이션

  • General current amplifier (physics, biology, engineering)
  • Accurate impedance measurements / 4 point measurements
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Electrical impedance tomography (EIT)
  • Photodiode current amplification

HF2TA 기능 다이어그램

Transimpedance Architecture

Providing 2 input and 2 output connectors, the HF2TA features a transimpedance architecture with a variable precision resistor as the gain parameter (R). The transimpedance architecture matches the current through the feedback resistor and keeps the input at virtual ground. The second amplification stage provides decoupling from the first stage and an additional gain (G). The resulting output voltage corresponds to U = R * G * I.

JFET Input Amplifier

The input of the HF2TA is constructed with JFET amplifiers which provide very low-noise over a wide frequency range. Additionally, the ultra-low input bias current of typically 2 pA allows for precise current measurements at small signal amplitudes.

Input Offset Adjust

To account for unbalanced circuitry inside the operation amplifiers and to cope with other external sources of voltage offset, the HF2TA provides a specific compensation feature with a very fine granularity. The user simply adjusts for a previously measured offset inside the graphical user interface of the HF2 Instrument.

Bias Input and Auxiliary Output

The Bias Input allows driving the signal shields with defined bias voltage. This can be used for instance to power a photo diode connected with one shielded cable for power and signal, avoiding ground loops. The Aux Output provides a low-noise power source able to run an external sensor or detector. The maximum output power is 100 mW.

Single Connector to HF2 Instruments

The HF2TA fits to any HF2 Instrument with its single connector, providing both power supply and remote control. The HF2TA is automatically detected by the Instrument when it is connected and all settings can be controlled from the graphical user interface.

Current Amplifier Settings

Configurable settings include the transimpedance (R1, R2), the output voltage gain (G1, G2), the switch to control signal shield bias, the AC/DC coupling switch to suppress DC current offsets, the offset voltage compensation adjustment and the output bias voltage.

HF2TA 사양

Frequency Response
frequency range (3 dB cut-off) DC - 50 MHz (depends on R1,R2 settings)
frequency range with AC coupling 10 Hz - 50 MHz (depends on R1,R2 settings)
small signal bandwidth (0.1 Vpp) 50 MHz
large signal bandwidth (1 Vpp) 40 MHz
input current range 1 nA - 10 mA (depends on R1,R2,G1,G2 settings)
input noise current 50 fA - 150 pA (depends on R1,R2,G1,G2 settings)
input noise voltage (10 kHz) 5 nV/√Hz
input offset adjustment range ±10 mV
input current leakage (typical) 2 pA
input impedance (DC, Z // 15 pF) 50 Ω - 70 kΩ
input bias voltage range ±10 V
transimpedance gain (R1,R2) 100 V/A - 100 MV/A
gain accuracy ±1%
output voltage gain (G1,G2) G=1 or G=10
Auxiliary Output
typical use bias for external sensor (ex: photodetectors)
voltage range ±10 V
maximum current drive 10 mA
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