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The graphical lock-in tab provides a fully functional block diagram that combines instrument control with measurements readouts. This unique Zurich Instruments functionality is designed to make the use of our devices even more intuitive and straightforward.


Settings and schematics can be combined with measurement results in one single view, thereby delivering comprehensive instrument information. Alterations to some of the switches and selections effectively change the displayed schematic, helping to reduce the time required to learn the measurement concepts and giving the user better insight into the instrument's behavior, a better overview of the setup control and also reducing the likelihood of setting errors.

The graphical lock-in scales with the size of the screen making it easy to exploit large monitors and monitor more information at once. A leap forward for intensive laboratory research!


  • Graphical visualization of settings and instrument functionality
  • Overview of instrument configuration
  • Functionality scales with options
  • Supports operation with other instrument options, e.g. resource locking
  • Auxiliary and demodulator functionality in the same tab
  • Comprehensive tooltips

Reduce Lab Setup Complexity

Reducing lab setup complexity is one of Zurich Instruments' core product philosophy and the graphical lock-in tab adds to our previous innovations, such as replacing multiple instruments and combining measurement techniques. The understanding that not all applications require all settings at all times is a motivation to design LabOne to offer multiple views:

  • Tabular lock-in tab: overview over all demodulator settings and input/output parameters
  • Graphical lock-in tab: intuitive overview of a single demodulator including its inputs and outputs

Users can switch between the views with one single click depending on their current needs, with the settings being maintained between the views.

>Save Time

The graphical lock-in tab will certainly help new users to get started with the instrument more quickly and without much need of reading the user manual before obtaining the first measurement results. Users can quickly ramp up their instrument knowledge, helping to dedicate more time to actual research. Moreover, with lower barriers to understanding how the instrument works, the user will move on to optimizing the settings and more advanced measurement approaches and, ultimately, obtain better results much faster.

The graphical lock-in tab is currently available for the MFLI Lock-in Amplifier and UHFLI Lock-in Amplifier. With the next LabOne release, scheduled for November 2015, also HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier users will benefit from this intuitive instrument control.

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