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Today's leading instrumentation manufactures are integrating more and more devices into one box in order to increase the utility for the user and to differentiate from competition. As scientists and engineers aim for more advanced experimental setups, the aim of Zurich Instruments is to help reduce complexity for experimentalists and provide integrated Test & Measurement solutions. Zurich Instruments presents LabOne, the first-of-its-kind comprehensive approach, that addresses the needs of leading researchers and engineers worldwide.

Invest smart

My instrument purchases are part of a strategic decision

We believe in instrumentation that grows with the customers' needs. Incremental software updates will always be free and options can be added on demand when the need arises. The instruments have the ability to make simple straightforward measurements, or to tackle complex challenges. Configurable user interfaces (UI) shall adapt to different applications and user programs shall be portable across the measurement platforms, from entry-level to high-end instrumentation.

I can get support for my current and future research objectives

Zurich Instruments manufactures instruments that grow with you, with your needs and your ambitions thanks to the configurable options and countless features that offer the flexibility you require. Your precious resources are used more effectively and you will end up spending less.

Save time

My experimental setup works from day one

We are convinced that users should be able to rely on proven and stable user interfaces for multiple, simultaneous measurements. As a consequence users quickly achieve higher level of expertise and perform measurements with a smart, time saving approach. One can choose from a wide selection of programing languages, to pick the most familiar and appropriate tool for the job. Less cabling and more integrated measurement tools provide the right level of reliability and robustness, therefore users can focus on the most important parts of their research and not on instrumentation. Multiple time domain and frequency domain analysis tools speed-up data interpretation.

I can take the instrumentation for granted and focus on my research objectives

Zurich Instruments provides a software infrastructure that will accelerate your signal acquisition challenges. You can take the measurement challenge for granted and focus on more demanding application specific tasks. You will experience a boost in efficiency and work less to achieve the same objectives.

Aim high

The experience of opinion leaders is represented in my measurement instrument

We enable measurement approaches validated with the world's leading laboratories and fine tuned with opinion makers. Therefore our analysis tools provide inherent methodologies to achieve, check, and reliably repeat measurements. The computer shall be the cockpit as software driven instruments perform more reliably than those that are hardware controlled, and modern, touch-based, mobile interfaces motivate talented researchers to quickly aim at more ambitious goals. As a consequence users of LabOne are empowered to strive for excellence.

I get a head start on achieving my ambitious goals

Zurich Instruments provides you with tools and software that have been devised with key opinion makers in a variety of research areas and hence you will benefit from their experience in your daily work. Set ambitious goals and achieve them.

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