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Browser Operation

Freedom of operation is the credo that enables LabOne users to choose the platform they want to operate, control, or monitor an instrument. The most up-to-date web technologies are employed to provide fast response and excellent performance on all devices capable of running a browser. No matter if you prefer to work with your tablet, Windows PC, MAC - no matter if your favorite browser is Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome: LabOne supports them all. Browser operation is the future of measurement technology.

  • Wide selection of supported browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Complete freedom of control hardware or gadget
  • Operating system independent: Windows, Apple OS, Linux

Freedom of operation is also provided by supporting numerous programming APIs.

Universal Measurement

Freedom of operation is also reflected in the flexibility of the location where the measurement is being performed - the server architecture allows the user to work in the same way remotely as he would locally.

Use cases include:

  • Measure directly, close to your setup, with data displayed on your tablet
  • Analyze data and save on the local remote computer with "unlimited" storage
  • Escape your noisy laboratory and control your measurement device from your office
  • Access the same measurement device from several work stations simultaneously
  • Monitor your measurement from home using your mobile phone

Countless ways of use are supported and universal measurement becomes a reality for research laboratories.

APIs compatible across all instruments

The LabOne APIs are designed that you can use your own programs with every instrument configuration from every instrument series. That saves all those people a lot of time who either need to integrate multiple different instruments into their setup or, when requirements change, need to replace one instrument by another one. You can simply transfer your software seamlessly between the different instruments.

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