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Are there different hardware configurations available?
No, all options are firmware and software based and can be upgraded at any time later in the field
Do I need a PC to run the instrument?
The MFLI has an embedded web server and can be connected to a local network where it can be accessed from any web browser by opening the address "http://mf-dev3XXX.zhinst.com"
What are the key features of the MFLI Lock-In Amplifier?
The key features of MFLI Lock-In Amplifier are
  • DC - 500 kHz / 5 MHz, 60 MSa/s, 16 bit
  • Current and differential voltage inputs
  • LabOne® toolset: Scope, Sweeper, Spectrum Analyzer, etc.
  • Plug & Play with embedded LabOne® Web Server
  • USB 2.0 and 1 GbE high-speed connections
  • AC line and DC supply (battery) operation

See also LabOne Toolset and MFLI Specifications.

What are the key features of the MFLI Scope?
The key features of MFLI oscilloscope are
  • Single channel, up to 16 kSa samples per shot, 16 bit resolution (24 bit with BW limit)
  • Sampling rates from 1.8 kSa/s to 60 MSa/s, up to 8.9 s acquisition time
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of acquired scope shots with up to 30 MHz span (limited by 10 MHz analog input bandwidth (-3 dB))
  • Multiple signal sources including signal inputs and trigger inputs, multiple trigger sources and trigger methods
  • Independent hold-off, hysteresis, pre-trigger and trigger level settings
  • Support for input scaling and arbitrary input units

See also LabOne Toolset and Scope.

What are the key features of the MFLI Spectrum Analyzer?
The key features of MFLI spectrum analyzer are
  • Up to 58 kHz span, noise floor at 2.5 nV/√Hz, up to 8 kSa
  • Choice of 4 different FFT window functions
  • FFT input parameters: X+iY, R, Θ, f, (dΘ/dt)/(2π)

See also LabOne Toolset and Spectrum Analyzer.

What are the key features of the MFLI Sweeper?
The key features of MFLI Sweeper are
  • Full-featured parametric sweep tool for signal output frequency, signal output amplitude, signal output offset, signal output phase, offset voltage auxiliary output
  • Recording parameters: demodulator data (X, Y, R, Θ), oscillator frequency, auxiliary inputs, etc.
  • Application modes: Parameter sweep, Noise amplitude measurement, Frequency response analyzer, 3-Omega-Sweep
  • Other features: logarithmic sweeps, automatic bandwidth adjustment, persistent display of previous scans, phase unwrap, etc.

See also LabOne Toolset and Sweeper.

Do I need to install a software package on my PC in order to use the MFLI lock-in amplifier?
The fastest and simplest way to get started is to connect the instrument to the local network by 1 GbE, open a browser on any device in the same network and type "mf-dev3XXX:8006" into the browser address field
Is there any software provided with the MFLI?
Yes, the user will receive the MFLI with LabOne installed; in addition users will have access to a free LabOne PC and/or Linux version for their instrument. With the LabOne Web Server running on a PC higher data rates can be obtained. The Installation is also required for API connection.
Can I synchronize multiple MFLI lock-in amplifiers?
Yes, by using 10 MHz clock signals each instrument can serve as a reference or accept an external reference. In the future there will be also a way to synchronize the time tags of two or more instruments over the local network. Please inquire for more information:Contact Form
Where can I get a live demonstration of the MFLI Lock-in Amplifier?
Please get in touch: Contact Form
What kind of support will I receive if the instrument is purchased from a local partner instead from Zurich Instruments directly?
All users receive support from the experts in Zurich independently from where the purchase was made. Local sales partners, where available, also do provide first level support in the local language. For extended support, instrument calibration or service, please check the Support page for more information
Can I attach a WIFI dongle and directly access the instrument?
Yes. However, this functionality was only tested with the LogiLink WL0084B (chipset Ralink RT5370)
Is there a PC inside the MFLI?
There is an embedded computer that runs Linux and provides data server and web server capabilities
Can a monitor/mouse/keyboard be directly connected to the MFLI?
Where are the measurement data stored?
Either on a specific partition on the internal flash drive, an external PC in the same network or a storage device attached to one of the MFLI's USB connectors
Can different measurement configurations be saved?
Yes, either locally on the MFLI or on any PC in the same network
Can the MFLI start up in an adjustable default configuration?
Yes, using the configuration files available on the internal memory
Can the MFLI also use a web server on an external PC?
Yes, that can help to achieve higher data rates for some applications
Can the MFLI data server run on an external PC?
No, at the moment the data server runs exclusively on the embedded PC
What is inside the box?
The instruments come with a country specific power cable, a USB cable and a printed quick start guide
How can the software and firmware be updated?
The LabOne User Interface allows to check for updates, upload them onto the instrument and initiate the update procedure
What if the MFLI gets "bricked" (e.g. by a power outage during update procedure)?
The system can be set into its original state by downloading a software to a USB stick, attach the USB stick to the MFLI and restart the instrument. Measurement data and configuration files will be untouched
Is there an Arithmetic Unit available for MFLI?
What type of USB hardware protocol is used?
USB 2.0 is implemented. The operation requires a driver installation. USB 3.0 is not supported
Can I do a noise measurement with the MFLI?
Yes. All demodulator data samples (X, Y, R, Θ, demodulator frequency) can be quantitatively analyzed in multiple ways in both time domain and frequency domain
Is there minimum distance around the MFLI required if it is installed in a casing?
A minimum distance to the external casing is required to assure a proper air circulation around the instrument. A sufficient air exchange is recommended for avoiding heat accumulation
Can I integrate the MFLI into my existing control software?
Absolutely. The MFLI provides application programming interfaces for MATLAB, LabVIEW, C and Python. Please see the (LabOne User Interface requirements). For other software interfaces, please inquire at Contact Form
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