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UHF-AWG 임의 파형 발생기

The UHF-AWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator integrates signal generation and detection in a single box providing a complete solution for pulsed measurement protocols. Its state-of-the-art programming concept offers a quick route to custom signals on the two 600 MHz output channels with 14 bit vertical resolution. The available detection schemes include multiple high-speed demodulators, pulse counters, and a digitizer for time-domain analysis. Sequence branching based on internal measurement results enables feed-forward protocols at unparalleled speeds, making it suitable for quantum error correction.

The UHF-AWG's modulation features ensure phase coherence for demanding measurement environments, such as quantum computing, mixed-signal device testing, NMR spectroscopy and more. The entire functionality is conveniently integrated into the LabOne® software enabling intuitive and platform-independent control.

The UHF-AWG option is an upgrade for the UHFLI Lock-in amplifier. Please refer to the UHF Arbitrary Waveform Generatorproduct page for a more detailed description.

UHF-AWG 업그레이드 및 호환성

  • Option upgradeable in the field
  • Compatible with all other UHF options1

1In some cases the simultaneous operation of the UHF-AWG and the UHF-DIG Digitizer can reduce the maximum AWG sampling rate to 900 MSa/s for waveforms longer than 32 kSa.

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