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LabOne uses the latest advances in web technologies to provide a high quality user interface and experience, incorporating advanced instrumentation and flexible software architecture. Gone are the poorly designed tools for remote instrument control, which gave little thought to how they could add to the functionality and value of the instrument.

The Computer is the Cockpit

Software driven instruments present a number of advantages compared to old-style instruments with arrays of buttons on their front panels. Whilst buttons are fast and easy to use and can lead to and efficient way of working, they also use expensive real estate and are not really suited for reconfiguration. Instruments with integrated touch screens provide only a marginally better user experience with more information and reconfiguration but will generally always lack resolution.

The industry trend is moving towards support for large screens and less buttons on the instrument front panel. The LabOne User Interface sets a new standard by omitting buttons completely and supporting multi-screen, feature-rich operation with computer control.

Configurable Environment

The LabOne User Interface utilizes the latest web technologies to provide a configurable measurement environment that addresses the most demanding challenges.

Customization means you can:

  • Arrange your measurement tools in a multi-row and multi-column display according to your preference
  • Open several instances of the available tools and monitor them at the same time
  • Capture your data by mouse click onto local or remote storage
  • Iteratively optimize your measurement parameters thanks to integrated tuning features
  • Analyze the captured data in real-time or on still images by cursor control
  • Save your acquired plots as PNG, SVG and CSV files with one mouse click
  • Retrieve earlier measurements and analyze the results of multiple acquisitions offline

One recent innovation from Zurich Instruments is the fully functional graphical representation of instrument core functionality on the user interface. For more information, see here: Intuitive Control: Functional Block Diagram

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