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Our products are not only industry leading, in terms of their performance and functionality, but also extremely robust and we often hear of customers carrying their HF2LI or UHFLI from one lab to the next without worrying too much about what might happen – in contrast to their experiences with older style instruments.

Nevertheless, it's always sensible to take care of your prize possessions. Our aluminium transport cases are light and strong and have special inserts to hold your HF2 series or UHF series instrument snuggly and securely. There's also space for cables and accessories and we've made sure that they're the right size for carry-on baggage, so there's no need to check it when you're flying. To get a quotation, please add the item to the cart and receive your quotation from the webshop.

ziATC 주요 특징

  • Fitting inset for HF2 series and UHF series
  • Space for laptop and cables
  • Notebook bag and cable bag
  • IATA conform dimensions to use as carry on luggage
  • Trolley, two wheels
  • 2 TSA combination locks
  • Based on Rimowa® Pilot Trolley

ziATC 업그레이드 및 호환성

  • Can be ordered anytime
  • Inset fits with HF2 series and UHF series
  • Inset does not fit with MFLI

ziATC 기능 다이어그램

ziATC 사양

Outer dimensions 50 x 23 x 41.5 cm; 19.7 x 9.1 x 16.3 in
Weight 4.4 kg; 9.7 lb
Volume 29.0 l

The Zurich Instruments aluminium transport case. Your instrument. Secured.

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